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Holy crap! I just capped 100 Watchers!! Thanks guys, so much!! :D :D
This is the last day of my holiday sale on Commissions! 50% off all commission requests sent in by the end of the day! Take advantage while you can! And have a very HAPPY HOLIDAY! :D

Commission info here:…
YUP! It's the holidays and I want to spread some of that cheer! So, I'll be accepting commissions from now until Dec 24th (my birthday oddly enough :D) at 50% OFF! Yessir! While I can't promise it will be completed in time for the holidays, this is the perfect time to grab some work from me if you haven't already! Check out my gallery to see what I can do, and see the Commissions info here:… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Hello all! I am proud to say that I am now open to taking commissions! I am going to start by taking 5 (FIVE) commissions in this first batch! First come, first serve! So if you're interested, read on!


My primary focus is digital painting, and as such that is what I offer you. Portraits, busts or more complicated scenes are all things I'm willing to take on. Unfortunately, I paint the same way I sculpt, building up the shapes with light and texture, and as such am not able to offer line-art or sketches ( I simply am not willing to offer something I do not believe reaches a certain standard.) However speedpaints are something I am willing to do.


* Character/creature concepts, portraits
* Action sequences
* Science fiction
* Fantasy

I am willing to explore other subjects than these, so feel free to ask and we can discuss whether or not I would be able to give you what you like.


Portraits: Grayscale - $35
                                +$15 per additional character
                                + $20 for colour

Full Body Character/Creature: Grayscale - $50
                                             +$25 per additional character
                                             +$30 for colour

ALL of the above options will be supplied with a simple background. Pricing for more complex backgrounds/landscapes can be discussed.

CONTACT me via a NOTE on DEVIANTART, or through email at
PAYMENT is accepted only via PAYPAL.


Once you've contacted me, and we will discuss what you would like for me to do (either via email, MSN, notes on DA, etc.) This is probably the most important step in my mind as I really want to be able to get to the core of what you want out of your piece. Any references (visual, literary etc) are essential if I am doing a pre-existing character, so please supply them! Once we've hammered out what you want, I will require half the commission price before I begin. Once payment is received, I will begin work on your piece, sending you a rough concept piece for your approval. I will be sending you updates as often as possible, so be prepared to receive WIP to your inbox!

Total time for a project depends on the complexity of the piece. I can usually finish a piece within a few weeks, so depending on your feedback and changes that you need made, it could be as quick as a week to as long as a month from the start date.

And with that, I am proud to say; COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN!
Haven't been able to do much work on DA lately, life's been busy busy. But that's no excuse in my mind. Figured I'd swing by and post a WIP pic or two to make myself feel like I'm not being lazy... More to come soon!
I've posted a few works up here, some original pieces, others (namely my Mass Effect art) which is based off of the intellectual property of someone else. For that reason I've never included the option of buying any of my fan arts as prints, not that I think anyone would purchase them anyway. I always thought that selling those prints would be illegal, and yet after perusing the Print Shop, there are plenty of prints available based on the subject matter. Is it legal? Would I be allowed to sell those pieces? I can't quite figure it out, seeing as how there doesn't seem to be any sort of regulation against it.... Hmmm...
I've just completed my very first request/commission EVER. It was a very rewarding experience for me, and something I'm definitely thinking I'd like to do more of... but I'm unsure of all this? What would be a fair price for my skill level? How much time should I spend on pieces so that it is somehow beneficial to me? And really, is anyone else going to be interested in paying me to do work for them? All things to ponder I suppose.
Woohoo! Just topped 1000 pageviews! I know that might not seem like much since I've had this account forever, but I've only recently started to post my own work instead of gazing longingly at the masterpieces of others. SO this is a big deal for me! Thanks to everyone who's looked and Watches! Much love!
So after leaving DA (for fours years? Seriously?) and not producing any kind of art in the meantime, I've decided to get back on the horse and start producing. As rusty as I am, hopefully I haven't lost ALL artistic merit... Here goes!